Namaste & Welcome
Our Retreats are held over one-day in a beautiful, serene garden venue right in the heart of East Fremantle.  Our goal is to help nourish your body with yoga, and fresh juices and balance your mind and heart with breathing, deep relaxation practices, meditation and more! 

Escape with us for a day
~ Explore 5 simple yet powerful principles to uplift & ignite your energy
~ Learn how to release stress and tension from your body 
~ Re-charge and re-fuel your passion & purpose
~ Get present with meditation, art & the sacred stillness of 'free-time' 
~ Connect with people as you share laughter and learning

"If you're going through a tough time in life right now, or you just need some time to recharge and learn some life long skills, I definitely recommend you head along to a Ripple Retreat - it's only one day but can affect a life time."
Ashley Piotto - Founder, 'Fusion Life Perth'

Release stress, tension and sinus congestion with this wonderful 5 min
Learn more about Debbie & Ryoka and the beautiful origin story of 
  Give the gift of relaxation, inner and wellness!