About Us

In 2011, freshly returned from her yoga teacher training in Canada, Ryoka began to search for a one-day retreat that she could easily access from Perth, as a way to top-up and recharge.  You know the deal right, that elusive self-care day that we all need from time to time in order to recharge our batteries and reconnect to our purpose and path?

Here was her wishlist...
a glorious and relaxing day of me-time that blends movement, breath and meditation, a space for personal reflection balanced with connection with like minded people... that provided information and tools to keep the fire in your belly light and bright, in a natural setting charged with rejuvenating vital force...

Sounds perfect right?

Well, Google was not her friend.  It turns out that the only regular Retreats were either down south or over in Bali, making them not only expensive, but also too long for the time she had available.

And thus, the inspiration for Ripple Retreats was conceived!!

Partnering with Mum (and Naturopath), Debbie, the Elton girls put on their thinking caps to craft a transformational wellness day that would uplift and inspire participants and create a 'ripple' effect of health and happiness in their life and the lives of those that they loved.

Launching their first retreat in April 2012, the Elton Girls began their mission of providing monthly one-day retreat experiences that people could access with ease and grace in terms of location (hello East Freo!), time and money.  Five years on, they continue to serve the Perth community not only through their local retreats but also through workshops, coaching, online training and their extraordinary international yoga adventures to India!

With extensive education in health and wellness and decades of combined experience, Ripple Retreats synthesize knowledge, wisdom and best practice from fields as diverse yet complimentary as naturopathy and nutrition, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, life Coaching, positive psychology and stress management, all with the aim to assist people to create the level of vitality and inner peace they yearn for.  Read on to learn more about our individual bios below.

Meet the Ripple Team

Debbie has a passion and appreciation for personal development, fresh alternative thinking and the ability to heal oneself and others.

Debbie’s first Academic move into alternative therapies came in 1980 when she studied Herbal Medicine in Broome. Over the next 30 years Debbie continued to study a range of alternative healing modalities and has been practicing Naturopathy and massage at her clinic in Edgewater since 1999.

The joy, insight and awareness that emerged from her spiritual journey and academic study prompted Debbie to realise that the gift of knowledge was for everyone.  In addition to inspiring and elevating hundreds of clients to better health, she has supported both daughters in their spiritual development, as well as holding Meditation and Reiki workshops for parents and their children.

Debbie identifies herself as a committed seeker, embracing the continued growth and evolution that comes from walking this beautiful planet. Debbie is enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has acquired over the years with Ripple Retreat participants.

Ryoka was first exposed to yoga as a toddler when of an evening, she and her sister would play alongside their mother Debbie while she did her asana practice.  During her later childhood, Ryoka attended courses on meditation, Reiki, the Silva Method and Pranic Healing, germinating within her a deep curiosity about spirituality, self development and healing.

In her mid teens Ryoka was in a serious car accident and sustained critical injuries to her spine and internal organs.  This event and her journey back to full wellness impressed upon her the true value of health and inspired her passion to assist others to live healthy, happy lives. With a Bachelor Degree in Public Health/Psychology (UWA, 2005) in combination with training as a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Life Coach and Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, Ryoka has over 15 years experience in the field of Corporate Wellness and mind body healing.

Ryoka feels blessed to have created a vocation so congruent with her values and goals.  Nothing lights her up more than seeing people come home to their true selves, as they learn how to 'fill up their own cup', nourish their body and manage their mind and emotions in order to embrace a life rich with health, happiness and inner peace.

Ripple Retreats is a really wonderful thing you both are doing, to inspire those to attract positivity into their lives and passing on your positive energies. I think alot of people seek positive change in their lives, but don't know quite where to start. I'm sure that all that attended the retreat on Saturday, and all who will in the future will agree that the retreat gave us each a little taste of ways we can enhance the way we live"  - Mechelle