Thank you for your interest in Ripple Retreats. 
We currently have no upcoming public retreat dates scheduled.

To arrange yoga, massage or wellness workshops for your workplace or small group, please contact Debbie at Rejoov (Ripple Retreats' sister business, specialising in mobile / corporate wellness services) - 0438 069 862

About Ripple Retreats

If you are new to all things Ripple, then this is a fabulous place to begin!  You can also read more about us (Debbie & Ryoka) here.

Read on below to learn about:
- What you can expect from a Ripple Retreat?
- The schedule of activities during your Retreat
- Pricing
- Bonus 'Ripple Reflection 'integration emails
- Our beautiful venue in East Fremantle

"A totally amazing day. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend! Nothing else like this in Perth!"
Sheree Alexander-Cox

What to expect from your special day?

By the end of this retreat, you will have peeled away layers of stress and learned how to naturally nourish your body while illuminating your mind and opening your heart. You will return home with a deep sense of peace, feeling inspired to implement tools and techniques that maintain your natural rhythm and radiance while keeping you bubbling with enthusiasm over the exciting potential of your amazing life!

Inspired by the profound, simple wisdom of the Five Points of Yoga, synthesised by Swami Vishnudevananda, Ripple Retreats offer participants the opportunity to relax, regenerate and re-balance amid our hectic lifestyles.
If the human body can be likened to a vehicle, then a Day Spa may equate to a simple 'buff and polish', reaching only the most superficial layers of your car.  Ripple Retreats on the other hand is like a 'full service and detail', offering a profound level of nurturing and serenity for all aspects of the self.

Our goal is to help nourish your body with yoga, whole foods and fresh juices and balance your mind and heart with breathing, deep relaxation practices, meditation and more!

Whether you seek that elusive 'pause button' that will allow you to stop, reflect and reclaim your balance, or a nourishing day to help your inner spark burn a little brighter, we welcome you to join us for a day of growth, healing and inspiration.

"Love Love Love - best day ever. Ryoka and Debbie are the most beautiful souls that guide you 
through a magical day of learning and relaxation in a little oasis. Namaste" - MF

Retreat Schedule

The table below provides an overview of the exciting activities offered during a Ripple Retreat.  Registration will commence from 8am, with activities concluding between 4.30pm and 5pm.
  - fresh juice
 Grounds Tour & Opening Circle
 Interactive Stress Management Workshop & Mindfulness Exercise
 Session 1: Proper Exercise
   - Yoga asana practice
 Morning Tea
 Session 2: Proper Breathing
   - How to breathe for stress reduction, health and vitality
 Sessions 3: Proper Diet + Lunch
  - How to choose foods that nourish and heal (lead by Naturopath, Debbie)
  - Fresh juice + delicious whole food lunch
 Personal Reflection & Free Time
   - Meditate around the lovely grounds or in the meditation room
   - Creative expression in the art room (painting equipment provided)
   - Swim in salt water pool
 Session 4: Meditation & Positive Thinking
   - Overview and practical session
 Session 5: Proper Relaxation
   - Learn how to soothe and nourish the body and mind with deep relaxation
 Review and conclusion
   - Fresh juice and delicious raw treat
**Times are approximate and the sequence and duration of activities may be adjusted pending group size and variables such as climate etc.

It was just the day I needed to rejuvenate and heal and remember to breathe... thank you Ryoka and Debbie! 
My mum and I spent a  special day together.  I appreciated the all ages feel!  - Jo Darbyshire


  The early bird discount ends three weeks prior to your nominated retreat date.     A list of early bird end dates is provided in the 'Make a Booking' tab

(Save $50)


(Save $90)

Learn more about our Ripple Rewards Referral Program and how you can earn valuable Ripple Dollars to redeem on any of our wellness services.

"Beautiful day, beautiful surroundings, beautiful food, beautiful coordinators and the most beautiful sleep I have had in ages! Thank you, Thank you! I am coming again and bringing my Mum or Sister" - HL

BONUS: 'Ripple Reflection' Integration Emails

But your experience doesn't end at the conclusion of your retreat... we want your transformation to continue to ripple out into your life!  To help enrich your experience and better assist you to create lasting positive change, we have developed a series of 'Ripple Reflection' BONUS emails.  Delivered one a day for three days preceding and ten days following the Retreat, these emails hold a wealth of fantastic tips and techniques to guide you to implement change in a personalised, sustainable way.

"I came to Ripple Retreats a few weeks back - I absolutely loved it, was totally relaxing!  Debbie and Ryoka were excellent - loved the wholefoods - the different tools you taught us and I'd love to do it again. I think anyone that's
feeling a bit stressed should do this retreat xxx"Georgia Turnbull

Retreat Venue - 'A Place To Just Be'
'A Place To Just Be' is a secluded, tranquil haven set among hundred year old gum trees, with palms, ferns and exotic plants beside buildings and waterways. Huge granite rocks around the many koi ponds look like they have been there for an eternity.  Situated in a hide-away location in East Fremantle, Perth, you will discover a place for healing and renewal.  
Ponds run the length of the block and several bridges lead to nooks, crannies and more surprises. Sculptures blend into the garden and waterways, designed to inspire creativity, give insight or simply lift the spirit. The buildings create a natural synergy with the environment, most of them built from recycled materials, limestone rocks and various coloured or stained glass works.
Excerpt from 'A Place To Just Be' website
4a Preston Point Rd
East Fremantle, Perth, 6158

"The location was absolutely breathtaking, creative and had incredible energy... whilst also being very relaxing" Jamie

"You are both such genuine and beautiful people which made the retreat an amazing and 'feel good' event"  - Dana 

"If you’re going through a tough time in life right now, or you just need some time to recharge and learn some life long skills, I definitely recommend you head along to a Ripple Retreat – it’s only one day but can affect a lifetime." - Ashley Piotto 

"I was able to switch off - that was amazing! Completely relaxed!" - Dana

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